Baghdad - Iraq, 30th April 2019. Pio-Tech the leading provider of Banking Business Intelligence and Performance Management Solutions in the Middle East and Africa, and Inspire Solutions the authorized re-seller partner for Pio-Tech in Iraq, served as the main sponsors of Tech Conference in Baghdad. Which is organized by IBBC (Iraq Britain Business Council), and was held in the Babylon Rotana Hotel in Baghdad.


The Tech Conference in Baghdad focused on the power of the new tech economy and how it can benefit the Iraqi economy. The conference, also discussed how technological applications can enable Iraq to become more productive and efficient, a driver for transparency, a mechanism for government payments, a means to interact with its citizens, and a source of new employment opportunities for young people.


Pio-Tech took part in the conference which witnessed the attendance of delegate Iraqi governor of Central Bank, and entrepreneurs who discussed various topics on Consumer Tech, FinTech Business, Fintech Consumer and E-Government.


Mr. Qais Shareef the Consultant Engineer and Managing Director of Inspire Solutions Co. Ltd and an authorized re-seller partner for Pio-Tech in Iraq presented a keynote about “Platform of Compliance and Advanced Analytics”  Where three main ideas were discussed; 1) governing the quality of data 2) building an information platform to serve compliance and securely offer the bank’s products and services to the outside world and 3) explaining the roadmap from traditional BI to advanced and predictive analytics by sampling “AI-supported” Next-Best-Offer (NBO) and Analytical Chatbots. The speech illustrated a number of other ML-aided analytics; such as Customer Churn, Segmentation, Sentiment Analysis, Life Time Value, and other use cases. The presented notes were aiming to have a proactive marketing plan and customer business continuity.   


Inspire Solutions is an Iraqi ICT company that provides a universal set of Professional Services, Distinctive Technical Information, Communications System Solutions, Consultation Services of Organization Structure and Strategic Planning, Procedures, Policies, and Processes.


Pio-Tech is a System Integrator and Business Solutions’ provider that has become, since conception in 2003, an innovation hub that advocates digitization and futurism across the Middle East and Africa Regions. In addition to its long history of serving the banking industry, was approached by a number of representatives from local and regional banks at the conference that reflected on their interest in such mission-critical technological advancements.