Arzan is a Financial Group was established as an organic transformation brought about by the merger of three companies. The objective behind this transformation was to offer efficient, novel and professional financial management services to the Kuwaiti and MENA markets, through a single enterprise that provides diversified financial services. The company’s operations, policies and strategies underwent changes and modifications to meet the challenges of the company’s new roles. With the new role, came a new name.

“This agreement is a significant step in our cooperation with Arzan Group "said Rand Hashem, Managing Director, Pio-Tech. “Our Customers receive the highest standard of services and technology –elements which are at the heart of our promise to deliver experiences which are specialized,  unique and consequentially vital .”


DefTrac® (Default Payment Tracking) is an leading, high-tech collection system that combines the absolute tools and proficiency needed from a single, all-inclusive platform. Due to fluctuating economies, banks’ profitability and cash-flows were directly affected by increased delinquencies and charge-offs; hence the need for a smart automated solution to counter delinquent accounts. In order to help banks accelerate and control their collection process, the highly advanced DefTrac® system has been devised to endorses the total recovery of various products, enabling banks to simply and swiftly apply collection strategies across all internal customer and account levels.