The agreement  was  signed  in  the  Arab  Jordan  Investment  Bank  premises  in  Amman  with  the
presence  of  Mr. Wael Al Qadi  Assistant GM of AJIB and Mr. Rand  Hashem the Managing Director
of Pio-Tech .
FATCA  is a new US law released to prevent tax evasion  by  US  citizens  and  residents  through
use  of   offshore   accounts.This  new  law  requires  financial  firms  to  implement  considerable 
enhancements  to their processes and systems relating to the collection and reporting of   client 
information , Bank-BI ®  FATCA   Compliance   System  from  Pio-Tech   combines  the   tools , 
technology and expertise to deliver a solution that helps organizations to manage and  control 
the   complete  cycle  of  their  client  identification, information  management  and   reporting 
process with minimum impact on their current technology infrastructure.

“We are proud of AJIB confidence in our delivered solutions knowing the banks continuous pursuit to enhance their services by adopting new 
technologies and solutions, we also believe that this project will be addition for a series of  successful  implementations in Pio-Tech’s  march”. 
said Rand Hashem, Managing Director,Pio-Tech. 

Pio-Tech  has  long  crowned  the  market as a pioneering System Integrator and Business Solutions Provider, backed by a history of  proven 
innovative results and a dedicated team of consultants with a futuristic vision. 
The  company’s  carefully-built  vertical  solutions  introduced an original  brand, which  evidently confirmed its  presence as  a   commanding 
flagship in  the  financial  industry. Through its wide array  of  solutions, Pio-Tech has helped myriad financial institutions to better understand  
their business and bond with their customers, and ultimately, to steer their operations towards attaining excellence in performance.