Bank-BI® offers an all-embracing business intelligence solution, which aims to summon answers to the challenging needs of today’s banking industry. It provides an ample enterprise platform that appraises business performance from various essential angles, through measuring precise reporting, query, and analysis information. The solution bases its intellect on collecting data from numerous valuable sources, enabling banks to operate more effectively and to develop a deeper understanding of their customers.

The uniquely designed Bank-BI® combines top of the line products with leading technologies, along with proven banking industry experience. The result is a distinctively integrated data-warehouse that empowers users with information for enhanced decision making.

With a multitude of benefits, Bank BI® fully covers the three main areas of banking focus, ensuring superb performance management in a modular yet comprehensive methodology:

  • Compliance and Financial Reporting: Includes regulatory reporting for Central Bank requirements, Risk Management and ALM, Anti Money Laundry, Basel II Compliance, Financial/Audit Reporting.
  • Competitiveness: Includes profitability, cost allocation, FTP, customer analysis, operation analysis.
  • Performance Management: Includes Budgeting and Planning, Strategy Management, Dashboard for KPI visualization.

The pre-built data warehouse logical model accelerates both the implementation methods and the results. This enables banks to rapidly achieve significant return on investment, and to harness the data warehouse as a valuable asset, offering a continuation of viable advantages that sets the user well apart from the competition.

Key Benefits & Features:

  • A singular source of information across all departments for the banks’ different users.
  • Bus - architecture data warehouse, with dimensionally modeled business schemes for better data representation capabilities.
  • Increased business user productivity and empowerment with essential data for decision making with fewer demands from I.T.
  • BI standardization using world leading BI platforms.
  • Centralized console for report management, scheduling and distribution.
  • Solution for data assessment manipulation and business validation.
  • Solution for numerous financial data manipulation and calculation issues.
  • Helps organizations to understand and track their customers by providing visibility into customers, in financial and banking operations in order to take the proper action, taking CRM prospective as an example.
  • Pre-Built Reports, Financial Metrics, Key Performance Indicators, and Dashboards.

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