Bank BPM® is a Business Process Management solution for financial institutions, which systematizes work routes among numerous bank departmental units for maximum productivity. Highly powered by an enterprise level workflow process engine, it helps optimize internal procedures, document handling, and flow management across all divisions, while improving customer service through the e-banking channel.

Pio-Tech’s Bank BPM® incorporates with multiple systems, enabling data exchange through a smart integration layer, and offering flexibility to modify the process definition level (Process Blue-Print), based on individual organizational procedures. This ensures a customized user experience, designed to facilitate regular tasks and responsibilities to the most efficient and adaptable course of work.

The Solution effectively tracks and devises business practices, including: process management, manual intervention, customer information extraction from databases, new customer transaction information, transactions in multiple related systems, and support in direct processing sans human intervention when needed. Beyond allowing more efficient business processes, Bank BPM® provides the necessary tools to measure performance and to identify improvement opportunities, as well as to swiftly make methodical changes that meet such prospects as they arise.

Built using proven financial expertise, Bank BPM® comprises sets of pre-packaged banking processes, which have been applied in many renowned conventional and Islamic banks throughout the region. Most importantly, these methods minimize the time and risk encountered by financial institutions while implementing BPM solutions.

These procedures span areas such as:

  • Personal Financing
  • Corporate Financing
  • Trade Finance
  • Islamic Financing
  • Customer Services

Key Benefits:

  • Reduction of processing time.
  • Reduction of data delivery cost.
  • Job standardization.
  • Enhanced audit trail.
  • Basis for future system expansion.
  • Transparency inside and outside the organization.
  • Centralization of data.
  • Process Refinement.

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