In today’s stressing highly competitive banking industry, where competition leads to pressured profit margins, it is very important to understand customer behavior to strengthen customer retention and loyalty and attract new customers. This can be achieved only by providing the customer with the right service, at the right time and on the right channel to deliver a new remarkable experience to the bank’s customers. However to deliver such high level customer experience, banks need first to be able to answer questions like:

- How much does it cost to serve my customers?
- Which customers, products, or channels are the most profitable?
- Where are the best opportunities to reduce costs?
- What products or services should we invest in or divest?

This is why banks need to have a profitability calculation and segmentation solution. Pio-Tech is pleased to introduce Bank-BI® Profitability Management Solution which enables the bank to have an enterprise-wide view of profitability drivers and performance across multiple dimensions like Product, channels and even Individual customers.

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